Nordic Walking: what is it and where can i do it?

Let’s talk about

    Nordic Walking is an activity that helps you obtain a good posture while walking and release the tension in your spine.

    The use of poles helps coordinate arms and legs during movement, increasing nutrients to the discs and vertebrae.

    Any other advantages?

    Nordic Walking can help progressively reduce back pain caused by bad posture.

    All while you have fun, spend time with friends or family, enjoy the great outdoors, and tone your body!

    So all you need to find out, is where to practise this healthy activity, possibly during a pleasant holiday in Malcesine!

    There are lots of places, but you must always be mindful of your level of fitness.

    At Wellness Hotel Casa Barca we love Nordic Walking and can suggest the best places for you, for example:

    • The cycling route that links Castelletto di Brenzone to Navene (30 km round trip) is ideal if you have never tried Nordic Walking before and want to enjoy the lakeside views;
    • If you love nature, we suggest the Nordic Walking Park, the first park created specially for Nordic Walking. In the park you will find 17 km of routes.

    Routes are identified by colour based on steepness, length in km, and difficulty level: easy, medium, and difficult.

    Enjoying new experiences thanks to Nordic Walking and the great choice of different routes is easy, so… we look forward to seeing you: come and choose your colour with us!

    To discover the other activities and experiences, find inspiration in the articles of our blog and choose the programme that suit the type of relaxing holiday you had in mind, we are certain that you will find exactly what you want.

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