Kitesurfing in Malcesine, on Lake Garda

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    Kitesurfing is a super dynamic water sport which originated and developed from classical surfing.

    What’s kitesurfing?

    Kitesurfing (or kiteboarding) is a variation of surfing. The board is attached to a kite which harnessing the power of the wind literally makes you fly between sky and water.

    Kitesurfing is a sport offering a complete contact with nature as it uses its energies and its environmental impact is equal to zero.

    Over the last few years it has gained a lot of fans and we can already confirm that kitesurfing will finally be introduced as an Olympic sports discipline on the occasion of the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024!

    There are several styles of kiteboarding such as, for instance, the spectacular Freestyle with its amazing evolutions, the Wave style which allows floating across waves creating “embroideries”, the Long Distance style comparable to a sailing race and the extreme Speed style focused on traveling at the maximum possible speed.

    Which is the gear to go kitesurfing?

    The kite is an inflatable structure known as Leading Edge which, when inflated with air, becomes semi-rigid and gets a half moon shape.

    The kite is also made of secondary inflatable elements, besides the central structure, called Bladders whose purpose is to give the kite its typical shape when inflated. The kite cannot sink in the water as the inflatable parts keep it floating.

    The kite size may vary from 8 sq m to 14 sq m. The choice depends on the wind strength and the target of the kitesufer: bigger kites are suitable for less strong winds.

    The kite is controlled by a bar, also called boom. The control bar is long about 50 cm and is usually made of carbon. It is attached to the kite via cables called lines about 25 meters long.

    The last element is the board, which can be one-way or bi-directional. One-way boards are used always in the same direction (bow ahead) and are typically used for surfing the waves.
    Bi-directional boards are easier for beginners and are similar to snowboards as the edge is used a lot.

    Is it possible to teach yourself to kitesurf?

    Kitesurfing is an easy sport to learn, however it is essential to attend a course.
    To learn how to pilot the kite in complete safety it is important to choose a school with qualified instructors. Besides learning the technical aspects you will come to know the wind characteristics, the sailing rules and the safety systems.
    Kitesurfing is a sport suitable for everybody, even children, as no great physical strength is necessary as it exploits the kinetic energy.
    However training and most of all practice help avoiding risks for one’s safety and that of the others.

    Kitesurfing in Malcesine, on Lake Garda

    In Italy one of the best places for kitesurfing is Lake Garda and the area of Malcesine, thanks to its average of windy days per year.

    In the morning the strong northern wind called Pelèr blows while in the afternoon the wind Ora blows from the south and is more regular.
    The peculiarity of this wind is that it blows until sunset, much later than in the other locations on the Lake.

    On Lake Garda independent kitesurfing is only allowed in two beaches and one of these is Malcesine, in the area called Navene. The other is Campione, on the western coast of the Lake.

    The Navene beach is 5 Km north from the center of Malcesine and is managed by a local kite club. In Navene the wind from the south can be better harnessed.

    Areas surrounding Malcesine where the wind from the north blows and it is possible to kitesurf in the morning are:
    – Campagnola beach, 3 km north form Malcesine;
    Retelino, 1 km north from Malcesine.

    kitesurfer malcesine

    For independent kiters, there is also a lift service available as alternative to take off from the beach. It is a boat which takes you to the windiest place of the lake.
    The lift service is also available to be collected in case of unexpected occurrences.

    Remember to always get informed about weather conditions before deciding to go kitesurfing!

    Are you in the mood to try kitesurfing?

    A peculiarity which allowed a great diffusion of kitesurfing over the past few years is that learning to pilot a kite and then making jumps and air evolutions is very quick.

    We wait for you on the beach of Malcesine, kitesurfing is an amusing and simple sport to learn: a few lessons with qualified instructors and you’ll be able to fly between sky and water!