Itinerary by car along Lake Garda

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    Lake Garda is one of the main Italian tourist destinations, with its different natural landscapes and the small characteristic villages. Organizing a trip by car is an excellent way to comfortably enjoy the lakefront.

    Along the perimeter of the Lake we find many villages, each with its own small harbor, the cobbled streets and its peculiarities. 
    You can be assured that, once the car is parked, the scented air of the Lake will regenerate your mind and body!

    Departure by car from Malcesine

    Departing by car from the center of Malcesine, we choose to head north.
    After a few kilometers of scenic coastal road, we meet the first villageNago-Torbole.

    First stop: Nago-Torbole

    In this sunny area, we recommend a naturalistic excursion suitable for the whole family: the panoramic Busatte – Tempesta path.
    It is a route halfway up the hill that will give you an unforgettable view. The path is about 4 km long with a positive and negative height difference of 300 meters, three staircases built in the rock and many viewpoints overlooking the Lake.
    Here you will find all the useful information on this excursion.

    Second stop: Riva del Garda

    We continue our lakeside route to the north and reach Riva del Garda, where we are already in the Trentino region. Riva is the northernmost tip of Lake Garda and we can really call it a Mediterranean oasis at the foot of the Dolomites.
    In Riva del Garda, in fact, olive trees and palms grow despite being enclosed by high mountain ranges. This tourist village is very popular and elegant and can be visited in a short time.

    We suggest you move a few kilometers to visit a place of great naturalistic interest: the Cascate Del Varone. (Varone Waterfall)

    It is a naturalistic attraction among the most interesting and suggestive of Lake Garda and is located in the municipality of Tenno, just 3 km from Riva del Garda. The Grotta della Cascata del Varone is a real geological rarity, characterized by very old limestone stratifications. The erosive process still under way, causes the edge of the jump to move more and more towards the mountain, thus increasing the depth of the gorge over time. The waterfall jump is 98 meters!

    The visit to the Varone Waterfall includes several observation points. The first one is from below, from the Lower Cave, from where you will have a view of the waterfall in its final phase. The second scenario, instead, opens 40 meters above, in the Upper Cave.

    Here you will find all the useful information to visit this awesome place.

    Third stop: Limone sul Garda

    Last stop of our itinerary by car on Lake Garda, before returning and resting in Malcesine, is the beautiful town of Limone sul Garda.
    Here we suggest a visit to the Limonaia del Castel, one of the most ancient citrus gardens of Garda. This citrus grove dates back to the XVIII century and has recently been recovered and opened to the public as a real naturalistic museum. It is located in the historical center of Limone, at the foot of the mountain and extends over several terraces, where you can admire plants of lemons, cedars, grapefruit, mandarins, mandarin oranges, chinotto oranges, clementines and kumquats.
    Here some useful info for visiting the citrus grove.

    Lake Garda in Porsche

    Lake Garda offers really several opportunities which can arouse the interest of all visitors!

    Travelling along the coast by car is an experience we recommend you try and we think it is possible to make it even more exciting…imagine the beauty of crossing the scenic roads that wind around Lake Garda in a powerful and exclusive car like the Porsche Boxster 718 Convertible. The guests of the Wellness Hotel Casabarca in Malcesine have the opportunity to rent, at an affordable price, a Porsche Boxster to indulge in an unforgettable luxuryFind out more here.