Extra virgin olive oil from Malcesine

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Malcesine producers have been known for their excellent extra virgin olive oil for decades. The oil produced in Malcesine possesses unique characteristics with its gentle taste and light and balanced flavor.

DOP Garda Olive Oil

The shores of Lake Garda are rich in olive groves thanks to the mild climate around the lake. The extra virgin oil produced from these olives has a fresh flavor with a rich aroma and a gentle almond aftertaste. It is a really unique product.

According to historical sources, olive oil had an important role in the Garda territory already around the seventh century AD and was renowned for its high quality throughout the Middle Age.

During the Renaissance period terraces were built on the slopes of the mountains surrounding the lake in order to facilitate the cultivation of olives. They contributed to the image of Lake Garda as the “Riviera of Olive Trees”.

The awarding of the DOP certification to the Garda extra virgin olive oil 


Extra virgin olive oil from the area of Lake Garda, which is the largest Italian lake and is surrounded by mountains, was awarded the DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) seal by the European Union in 1997.

DOP Garda Oil has typical characteristics, and local producers must abide by very strict regulations regarding the cultivation of olives and the production of extra virgin oil.

Buyers must check that the label on the bottle bears the “Garda DOP” seal. Only producers that comply with production rules can obtain it.

Genuine DOP Garda Oil is characterized by high quality both in the cultivation of olives and in their pressing and bottling processes. Today DOP Garda oil is among the top quality certified olive oil brands in Italy. 

Olive oil production in Malcesine

DOP Garda extra virgin olive oil has been a product of Malcesine for decades.

The Association of olive farmers of Malcesine (Consorzio Olivicoltori Malcesine) headquartered in via Panoramica in Malcesine, was founded in 1946Malcesine farmers decided to build their own oil mill to produce their DOP Garda oil.

The oil produced in Malcesine is light and gently flavored, with an extremely low level of acidity (0.5% on average). Ninety percent of olive trees in Malcesine are centuries old and the olives are picked by hand then taken to the common oil mill for pressing.

The Malcesine DOP olive oil association

The Association of olive farmers of Malcesine opens the doors of its old oil mill to visitors. The mill also houses the Olive Tree Museum (Museo dell’Olivo), where visitors can learn about the life and work of farmers as well as the techniques for the production of local olive oil by visiting the building and watching a video showing one year in the life of these ancient olive trees. The Malcesine oil mill naturally offers visitors also the opportunity to taste its excellent DOP olive oil!

For further information we suggest you visit the website of the Malcesine olive farmers’ association (Consorzio Olivicoltori di Malcesine).

If you want to taste genuine extra virgin olive oil from Malcesine at home, you can buy it also at the reception of the Wellness Hotel Casa Barca. The oil is produced from olives from the Hotel Casa Barca estate.